Blueberry Pie - HHC + CBN + THCP Roll-Your-Own Flower Pouch - 5g

Delta Farms

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Grab a pouch, kick back, and relax. 

Potent, pre-ground flower - perfect to take with you on the go.

Delta Farms Roll-Your-Own pouches are perfect for rolling your own potent joints. Our bags are packed with 5 grams of ground up HHC and THCP infused top shelf hemp flower in a resealable pocket, with an attached booklet of 50 rolling papers. 

Our flower is hand trimmed, consisting only of top shelf hemp buds - never any trim, a stance we take very seriously. In addition, the infusion process is cleanly done without any solvents - making our flower all the more magical. 

Indica Blend - Put You Down for the Night

Like the title suggests, our Indica blend is infused with the sedating CBN combined with HHC and THCP. Designed to help you relax, roll yourself one of these for that evening nightcap before retiring to bed.

Lab Testing

Our flower is 3rd party lab tested by KCA. Click here to view results.