D9O + HHC + HHCO Disposable Vape - Blue Dream - 2g

Delta Farms

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Enjoy our trifecta blend, combining D9-THCO (D9O), HHC and HHC-O. Filled with 2g 45% potent HHC, 22.5% D9O and 22.5% HHC-O, this blend is an absolute knockout.. 

Paired with Blue Dream cannabis-derived terpenes, our oil has that familiar fruity Blue Dream flavor profile to enhance the experience with the effective cannabinoids in this blend.

Disposable HHC Vape - No Extra Battery Needed

Our disposable vape pens don't require an additional battery - and can be recharged using a micro-USB cable (not included). The device may be small - fitting conveniently in the palm of your hand - but the tank can hold the full 2 grams of oil!


Our D9O + HHC + HHCO disposables are tested by KCA Labs - click here for the lab report.