Delta-8 Live Resin Sauce - Super Sour Space Candy - 1g

Delta Farms

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A golden colored, delicious mixture of high quality hemp extracts, our Delta-8 THC live resin sauce is dotted with small cannabinoid crystals and has a skunky nose rich from the cannabis-derived thiols. 

We begin with our CO2-extracted Super Sour Space Candy live resin, and upon that add an additional blend of unadulterated Delta-8 THC, additional live resin, and a smidgen of vacuum-extracted cannabis-derived terpenes.

Great for dabbing, use with oil concentrate vaporizers and mixing in with smokable hemp flower.

Each container contains 1g of live resin.

Cannabinoid Breakdown: 

Delta-8 Concentration: 34.48%

CBDa: 41.79%

CBD: 1.55%

CBGa: 0.6%

CBCa: 1.76%

Total Cannabinoids: 81.739%

View our lab report in the product images above. 

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  • 5
    Mild Indica effects

    Posted by Devon Casseus on Apr 2nd 2022

    This was just as great as the Hawaiian haze live resin, however this has had a less couch locking effect on me and just felt very relaxed. Prior to smoking I was hangover and slightly sore. In the matter of minutes my hangover was extremely more mild and even started drinking again, the pain completely disappeared too. Would definitely recommend this for people who want to relax but not pass out.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 23rd 2021

    hell yeah brother