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Experience the superior convenience and potency of Delta Farms' HHCa Crystalline Isolate powder. 

Our HHCa is filtered, dried, and then extracted a second time using a proprietary methodology utilizing water to create even more of a purified form that we have made available to you. Our product contains no fillers, and is not derived from Delta-8 THC.

Containing a carboxylic acid group, HHCa is to HHC as THCa is to THC, and allowing HHCa exposure to heat will result in a transformation into what's possibly the most pure form of HHC on the market.

How to Use

Easy to add to any method of consumption, HHCA can be dabbed, vaped, smoked with flower or blended into tincture or other oils. With its light powder form, it is easy to sprinkle and very easy to use.


Lab tested for purity and potency. Contact us for any questions regarding our lab reports.

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    Very nice!

    Posted by Scott on Nov 2nd 2023

    I made a blend of HHC/HHCa/CBT/CDT's to give this a test. It feels like a strong hybrid to me. The more you use, close to indica feels. No anxiety, chill as a cucumber. This stuff is pretty nice so far and I look forward to getting more! Thx guys!