THD + HHCP Cartridge - Crescendo - 1g

Delta Farms

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Calm and Cool - but with added Punch.

THD, also formally known as Tetrahydrocannabidiol, or H4-CBD, is a hemp-derived hydrogenated form of CBD that produces a psychoactive effect, and is absolutely wonderful for calm and relaxation. To give this great vibe added oomph, we have added 5% high-R value HHCP, a very powerful strong cannabinoid, to the mix. This yields a lovely mix that can serve as a daily driver, with flavor that does not disappoint. 

Warning: this product IS STRONG.

Tell us about the terpenes!

As is standard with all of our products, we spiced things up with Crescendo Cannabis-derived terpenes, providing that incredible cannabis flavor we are all searching for.


Lab testing

We have 3rd party lab testing performed by KCA Labs. See our report here: Click here.